Open Arms – Veterans & Family Counselling was founded by Australia's Vietnam veterans. It is Australia’s leading provider of mental health assessment and counselling for Australian veterans and their families.

This video provides a brief history of Open Arms, and the services offered.

Open Arms – Veterans and Veterans Family Counselling (formerly VVCS) was founded by Australia's Vietnam veterans after a difficult chapter in Australia's history.

Open Arms' National Advisory Committee provides the Minister for Veterans’ Affairs with independent advice on the needs of the veteran community and how these can be addressed through Open Arms.

Open Arms contributes to a wide range of research projects in Australia and around the world, as well as funding professional development for counsellors.

Open Arms provides counselling services across Australia, through our regional offices and Outreach Provider Network. To contact your nearest Open Arms office, call 1800 011 046.

If you are looking for counselling and support services, call us any time on 1800 011 046. General enquiries and feedback forms are on the following page.