Alcohol and substance use

We drink or even use drugs to celebrate, socialise, commiserate or deal with stress. Often they are used as a coping mechanism for another underlying issue.  If you or someone else is worried about how much you’re drinking, or taking, find out what you can do about it.

Too much, too often, or for too long can cause problems with your health, work and relationships. If you are looking to cut back there are a range of options.

If your drug use is becoming a problem for you or those around you, there are strategies and tools you can use to get it under control.

A disorder is when a person’s drinking causes significant distress or harm. If you are drinking on a regular basis, you may be at risk of developing an alcohol-use disorder.

If drug use is occupying a lot of your time, starting to control your life, impacting negatively on your health, or if you are having withdrawal symptoms, it is time to seek professional help.